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Myrianne Coen

Myrianne Coen vs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In 1996 the Belgian diplomat Myrianne Coen (pronounce Koon) filed an official complaint in which she describes gang stalking by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She used to work in the Belgian embassy in Bulgaria. In 1995 she noticed that the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered visas to people of which she knew that they were personalities of the Bulgarian Mafia. She warned the Ministry several times. But, they ignored her. Even worse, they started to gang stalk her.

Finally, in December 1996, she filed an official complaint for documents trafficking. In this complaint, she describes the gang stalking.

Three months later she was found unconscious in the embassy. The Ministry sent her to a mental hospital. The diagnosis corroborated the testimony of persons who were involved in the harassment. She got fired. Her career spiralled down. They tried to cover it up for several years.

In 2004 the Standing Intelligence Agencies Review Committee confirmed her claims. The Bulgarian Mafia had paid for the visas. She got a new job as an expert in the Military Centre for Strategic Studies in Rome.

This affair got much coverage in the news.

L’étrange affaire Coen

French flag L’étrange affaire Coen appeared probably in 2006, in an unknown magazine.