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Matthew Barasch

Professor Matthew Barasch vs. Dr. Phil

Professor Matthew Barasch (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from California is gay, HIV positive and a drug addict.

In 2008 he experienced gang stalking for the first time. This ended suddenly when he became a police informant. After a while, this leaked to drugs dealers and the community. Then a second period of gang stalking started.

In 2013 he appeared with his story about gang stalking in the Dr. Phil Show.

Much to his surprise, he was portrayed infavorably. He was labeled mentally ill. Because he had a contract to appear in the show, and because all their communication had been favorably, he found that this was a breach of his contract.

In 2015 he filed a lengthy complaint against Dr. Phil, CBS, and unknown gang stalkers. The word gang stalking is explicitly in the complaint.

PDF file icon Complaint against Dr. Phil (6.9 MB, 112 pages).