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1992 October 2 Sun Journal

Humans used as guinea pigs

A part of this article is lost.

Sun Journal — Opinion

Sun Journal — New Bern, NC — Friday, October 2, 1992


Referring to the article in the Sun Journal about my research in the field of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NIER) (“Woman fears government zapping,” Sept. 28), I wish to correct a few discrepancies.

There is much proof that the U.S. government has directed energy weapons and/or frequencies, and are using human beings as guinea pigs without their knowledge and without their permission. The CIA has also used hard drugs in its Mind Control program. “The Search for the 'Manchurian Candidate'” by John Marks is the story of how the CIA brought hard drugs into the U.S. and used them indiscriminately on whomever they chose — at times even on other CIA agents. This book is not fiction; it is the story of the CIA and Mind Control. John Marks, the author, is a former Senate aide and former State Department official. The book, “The Manchurian Candidate,” may be fic- [text lost in copy]

In June 1986, the book “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology” was compiled by Lt. Col. David J. Dean, U.S. Air Force. This book is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., for $14. The chapter titled, “The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict” by Capt. Paul E. Tyler, MC, U.S. Navy, states on page 256, “With today's sophisticated weapon system, one does not have to totally disable individuals to render them ineffective for combat. For example, if their timing is altered or their cognitive processes are degraded these individuals may be unable to operate their equipment (fly their aircraft, make the proper decision with computer-operated systems, or successfully complete related action. ... A large part of this paper may read like Buck Rogers. ... Many readers will say that some of these ideas and concepts do not fit with their current concepts and theories of physics and biology. ... Most of the medical science I learned in medical school more than 25 years ago is not valid today.” I want to emphasize that Capt. Tyler is a medical doctor in the U.S. Navy.

In listing the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Capt. Tyler states, “They are not exhaustive and do not include many of the effects reported in the Soviet and East European literature.” (Capt. Tyler did not list the adverse effects). In other words, these adverse effects of NIER are “classified” in the U.S., because they come under the “Star Wars” program. This is not classified information in many other countries.

The major break-in at my home was on April 21, 1990, and not August as reported in the article.

I was not “fired” by Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. My position was abolished, as were those of about eight other women when we filed EEOC complaints against the company for sex discrimination. The terms of the settlement were negotiated, and when I was not offered a position comparable to the one I had, I reluctantly took early retirement. To abolish a position after a person filed an EEOC complaint is a violation of federal law.

Mildred M. Cooper

New Bern