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Leatrice Carley

Leatrice Carley vs. Tomball police

The problems started for Leatrice Nanette Carley from Texas in 2008 when she reported a stolen credit card. She, her family and her friends are being stalked and ticketed by the police.

They charged her with infractions/crimes 24 separate times, arresting her on numerous occasions, which caused her to spend many nights in jail. The seemingly endless cycle of paperwork and court dates grew overwhelming, and she couldn’t keep up. She spent thousands on jail bonds. She paid $25,000 in legal fees.

She closed her previously successful business and moved.

The police stole $4,000 from her purse.

She had a hard time trying to evict people from one of her houses, who she had allowed to live there for free. All of her new solid-wood and leather furniture and new appliances had been stolen along with office equipment, sinks, faucets, shower heads, the garbage disposal, cabinet-knobs, curtains, curtain-rods, a trampoline, and about $6,000 worth of religious books, and other stored items and appliances. The house was trashed and gutted. She lost over $60,000 in personal property. The thieves were never arrested, not even for their drugs paraphernalia.

She spent $7,000 to private security officers. She engaged private investigators. It cost $25,000.

She got two heart attacks for which she needed surgery.

Sheriff Richard Mack supports her. He witnessed one of the false arrests and testified.

The anagrams of CAR and TOM have a special meaning to perps. (MOT is the origin of the universe according to the paganists.)

Tomball police department contains the characters of 1 crown prince of hell (Belial) and 9 infernal names (Amon, Bilé, Emma-O, Mania, Milcom, Mormo, Pan, Rimmon and T’an-mo).

Honorary Sheriff Deputy Leatrice Nannette Carley contains the characters of 2 crown princes of hell (Lucifer and Satan) and 19 infernal names (Ahpuch, Apollyon, Astaroth, Coyote, Dracula, Hecate, Ishtar, Lilith, Nihasa, Pan, Pluto, Saitan, Sedit, Set, Shaitan, Supay, Tchort, Tunrida and Typhon).

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