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John Akwei

John Akwei vs. NSA

John Akwei is a computer programmer from Maryland. He has his own company with the name ContextBase.

In 1992 he filed a court case (Washington, DC. Civil Action No 92—0449).

His evidence describes what the NSA is capable of and what targets experience in general. We don’t know what he accused the NSA of.

His complaint was dismissed. If I remember well, he suddenly withdrew.

This means that his evidence has to be treated as an opinion. His evidence was written after the case was dismissed.

PDF file icon Email from John Akwei about his court case by John Akwei (115.3 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon John Akwei’s evidence (98.2 K, 9 pages) is posted on many websites and blogs, often mentioning that John Akwei is a former employee of the NSA, which is false. There are also people who change the last paragraph.