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Jane Clift

Jane Clift vs. Slough Council

In 2005 Jane Clift from the UK reported a drunk she saw trampling flowers in a park.

She was placed on a register for dangerous persons. The council alert was sent to:

  • doctors,
  • dentists,
  • opticians,
  • the National Health Service Trust,
  • the fire brigade,
  • police,
  • ambulance services,
  • schools,
  • nurseries,
  • playgroups,
  • libraries,
  • the Citizens Advice Bureau,
  • dustbin men,
  • career advice,
  • the Town Centre Business Initiative (50 of Slough’s largest companies),
  • contraception clinics,
  • stop smoking clinics,
  • alcohol counselling services,
  • electoral registrars,
  • council education and children’s services.

She embarked on a massive legal battle. After 4 years she was removed from the register.

Press articles:

2010 October 8 Daily Mail