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Glendon Crawford

2 men charged with building a death ray machine

In 2013 two men were arrested in New York because they were building a death ray machine:

  1. Glendon Crawford, 49, of Galway, Saratoga County, married and father of 3 children.
  2. Eric Feight, 54, of Hudson, Columbia County, married.

This case is interesting because it shows that there are perps who conspire to do harm in a deniable way. Most people who make such a device don’t tell the Embassy of Israel so they never get caught. But, you may bet that there are many perps operating such devices against targets.

It is also possible that Glendon Crawford was working with the government to create a very bad image of the KKK. Just look at the facts: he worked with FBI agents on a device and now it looks bad for the KKK and racists in general. Nobody confirmed that he’s a KKK member so it looks much like a false flag.

House, garage and truck of Glendon Crawford
The house, garage and truck of Glendon Crawford.

Truck of Glendon Crawford
The truck of Glendon Crawford.

Death ray machine virtual view from ABC News
Virtual view from ABC News.

Death ray machine undercover agent
Glendon Crawford and undercover agent.

Death ray machine arrest 1
Death ray machine arrest.

Death ray machine arrest 2
Death ray machine arrest.

Glendon Crawford front
Glendon Crawford.

Glendon Crawford side
Glendon Crawford.

Eric Feight 1
Eric Feight.

Eric Feight 2
Eric Feight.

Eric Feight 3
Eric Feight.

Eric Feight 4
Eric Feight.

The device would fit in a van and be triggered by remote control. It would emit radioactive waves. The victims would die within days from radiation poisoning. They were planning to use it against Muslims. He believed that Muslims are sub-humans who deserve to die. He saw a connection between genes and religious belief.

On August 20, 2015 Crawford was convicted of use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to build and use a radiological dispersal device. He was also convicted of distributing information with respect to a weapon of mass destruction.

On December 19, 2016 Crawford was sentenced to 30 years in prison. His lawyer announced that he would appeal.

Death ray machine trial

PDF file icon Capital district men charged in conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists by (79.7 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Capital district man indicted on three felony charges related to development of lethal radiation device by (78.7 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Upstate New York man convicted for his role in attempting to develop lethal radiation device by (165.9 K, 3 pages).

PDF file icon Upstate New York man sentenced for providing material support to terrorists by (160.5 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Upstate New York man sentenced to over eight years in prison for providing material support to terrorists by (77.7 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon New York man sentenced to 30 years for plot to kill muslims (163.4 K, 2 pages).

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