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Garrick Krlich

Garrick Krlich vs. 40 stalkers

In 2008 Garrick Krlich from Hubbard in Ohio wanted to buy the house of his deceased neighbor. A noise campaign started. People honked their car horn when they passed his house. This happened more than 100 times a day at all hours of the day. This continued for 6 years thanks to the corruption of the police and the local judge.

The stalkers were filmed by his security camera. The police and the fire brigade were participating. He filed 720 complaints against 40 stalkers. Because the police were not cooperative, the case has been sent to a higher judge. Then the harassment stopped. 12 stalkers have been forbidden to come in his street.

This story appeared on ABC News. He invited ABC News, and the stalking was ongoing while they were filming. They saw it, and they filmed it. The harassers say clearly in the video that they want that he leaves the city.

Noise campaigns are very common for victims of gang stalking. He experienced also other types of harassment, like threats with guns.

Press articles:

2014 May 1 PDF file icon Why has this man been honked at over 5,000 times? by Andrew Paparella, Eric Strauss, Alexa Valiente (ABC News) of ABC News (185.3 K, 2 pages).
2 PDF file icon It’s small town terrorism by Daily Mail (1.1 MB, 6 pages).

Read all the details on the website of Garrick Krlich.

He posted also dozens of videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, he mixed them with music, which makes it less clear.