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Donna Watts arrests colleague

Donna Watts vs. 88 colleagues

In 2011 Donna Watts, a policewoman from Florida, lawfully pulled over a police officer for reckless driving. This caused a significant uproar in the law enforcement community, some extremely negative and life threatening.

She experienced:

  • prank calls,
  • pizza deliveries ordered by pranksters,
  • vehicular stalking in her street in a cul-de-sac,
  • threats,
  • shit smeared on her car,
  • her private information illegally accessed hundreds of times, allowing potential stalkers to stalk her more,
  • her complaints ignored.

In 2011 she asked a jury trial against 88 colleagues and $1,000,000 in damages.

PDF file icon Donna Watts’ complaint (289.4 K, 69 pages).

Press articles:

2012 December 25
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