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Halim Ünsem Ünal
victim Halim Ünsem Ünal

Mysterious death of 4 engineers

Four engineers, Hüseyin Başbilen, Halim Ünsem Ünal, Evrim Yançeken, and Burhaneddin Volkan died in 2006-2007. They worked for ASELSAN, a Turkish defense industry giant.

Initially, all four cases were closed after being labeled as suicides.

In 2010 prosecutor Fikret Seçen referred the files of Başbilen, Yançeken and Volkan to the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office. (Fikret Seçen conducts the Ergenekon investigation. Ergenekon is a gang, charged with plotting to overthrow the government.)

In 2013 the Inspection Board published a report. It says that Başbilen was likely murdered, while the others have been driven to commit suicide after being exposed to telepathic attacks aimed at destroying them psychologically.

Press articles:

2013 August 5 PDF file icon Prime Ministry: telepathy may be involved in engineers’ deaths by Ahmet Donmez of Todays Zaman (96.5 K, 2 pages).