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Brandon Maulding
victim Brandon Maulding

Brandon Maulding beaten to death

On August 1, 2015 targeted individual Brandon Maulding from Battle Ground, Columbia, was beaten to death by gang stalker Stephen Reichow.

This is what probably happened. Gang stalkers Reichow and Anne Tanninen had a cunning plan. First they made Maulding drunk. Then they found a plausible reason to lure him to a storage space that she rented. They had placed a baseball bat there so that he would find it. He played with it for a while. Then a third gang stalker made a harassing phone call to Maulding. Then Tanninen invented a story about being a targeted individual, suggesting that Reichow was one of her stalkers. Reichow ran off. Tanninen brought Maulding to Reichow and left so there would be no witness. Reichow took the baseball bat from Maulding and beat him unconscious. When he saw that Maulding wasn’t dead, he tried to strangle him. This was witnessed by a woman. So it doesn’t look like self-defense. Later Maulding died in the hospital.

Stephen Reichow
Murderer Stephen Reichow.

Reichow is being held at the Clark County Jail in lieu of $750,000 bail. The accusation is first degree murder.

Brandon Maulding and his boat
Brandon Maulding and his boat.

Storage facility
The crime scene.

Brandon Maulding is dead. He was the real target.

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