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Aisha Goodison

Aisha Goodison vs. Madonna

Pop star Aisha Goodison from Miami (born in Jamaica) claims to be stalked by the entourage of Madonna.

In September of 2005, she filed a formal complaint with the FBI in Washington, D.C. regarding Madonna, her Kabbalah Center and their private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, over unlawful wiretapping, hacking, racketeering, identity theft and copyright infringement. She writes that these personalities have ties to the Mafia, specifically the Colombo family.

The story is a success in the sense that the FBI wanted to hear it.

She experienced a wide range of harassment:

  • frequent break-ins,
  • vandalism in her house,
  • stealing her mail,
  • filming her in her house,
  • tampering with her websites,
  • hacking her bank accounts,
  • in-person stalking,
  • tampering with the brakes of her car,
  • and death threats.

She has a website about gang stalking where she announced that she’s working on a movie about her story. Filming began in 2013. Her websites have many millions of visitors.

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