Gang stalking in Europe

Gang stalking, mobbing and bullying are variations of the same destructive behavior. They differ only in the number of perpetrators and the number of victims.

bullying 1 perp 1 victim
mobbing many perps 1 victim
gang stalking many perps many victims

Some activists claim that gang stalking is more sophisticated, that it can only be done by a multitude of government agencies.

Gang stalking is a crime. When dealing with a crime, we don’t really care about the level of sophistication. If they set your house on fire, then does it matter with how much sophistication your house was set on fire?

Stages of harassment

Mobbing is multi-bullying because there are multiple perpetrators. A mobbed person is the victim of one group, and this group harasses only this person.


Gang stalking is multi-mobbing because there are multiple victims. The same group harasses multiple persons who may or may not know each other. Typically an entire family will receive the harassment. They may as well harass members of an extremist party, people who are critical of a religious sect, people who are blacklisted from employment in a particular sector, and people who have been placed on a watch list.

People who are not docile seem to attract the harassment. Docility is the main criterium to be successful in this world.


Judges instigate much of the harassment by trashing the targets’ most basic rights. This encourages the stalkers to provoke as many conflicts as possible, in the hopes that these conflicts will have to be settled in court.

These courts will insist on proof of the highest quality when a target wants to sue a perp. On the other hand, proof of the lowest quality will suffice for a perp who wants to sue a target.

If a target claims that he sent a letter to a perp, then they will require that he sent the letter by registered mail, and that he can show the return receipt. If a perp claims that he sent a letter to a target, then it will suffice that the address was correct, and that the letter didn’t return.

If a target accuses a perp then he will need two independent witnesses who want to confirm his story. If a perp accuses a target then it will suffice that anonymous “children” followed the target to his house.

They have such a repertoire of simple tricks to trash the target’s rights.

They will invariably try to invert the burden of proof.

For example, they will insist that the target has to prove that he didn’t receive the letter even if the law says that the burden of proof is on the sender.

They will write in an official statement that anonymous “children” followed the target to his house and that “this is true and proven until the proof of the contrary.” Now the target is supposed to deliver proof of his innocence.

They will start quarrels with a target to accuse him of a crime that happened earlier. For example, a perp notices that his car was damaged. He comes to the target and starts a dispute. Then he goes to the police and says that the target damaged his car because they had a dispute. This is a trick to subject the target to an unpleasant police interrogation.

Perps will try to attack the target and make it look like an accident. They will stage nasty accidents in a kitchen that a target shares with perps. The police and the judges will treat this as an accident.

The court will also intimidate the target and show that they sympathize with the perps. For example, the perps choose a lawyer who works for the Church and the court sends all its letters to the target so that they arrive on the day before or after a religious holiday. They may take all their decisions right before or even on a religious holiday. Typically, the court will condemn the target on December 24, so the perps can have fun during the holidays and the target will receive the verdict on January 2.

Needless to say that the official channels like court, media and politics have to be avoided.


The Mafia is in the first place the politicians, the judges and the police.

Some activists claim that the government is behind the harassment. This is not accurate. It is more accurate to say that the Mafia is behind the harassment, the Mafia has infiltrated the government and then uses the infrastructure of the government for stalking. For example, the Mafia infiltrates the police, then they can use patrol cars for stalking. They will infiltrate the fire brigades and use fire trucks for stalking. The state pays for the gasoline and the communications.

Mafia Venn diagram

The Mafia is behind the harassment.

The Mafia will often pose as a neighborhood watch group.

Stages of neighborhood watch corruption

Manipulation of humans

We suspect that the Mafia has an arsenal of mind-altering electronic devices. We deduce this from our own experiences, and from a large number of patents which claim that they can cause the effects that we experience. We found also several simple devices in online shops. Some scientists have confirmed that some of our claims are technically possible.

Some activists are obsessed with these electronic devices. They claim that these devices are used exclusively in gang stalking.

If these electronic devices exist, then it’s obvious that the Mafia will use them for stalking, but it’s unlikely that they will use them exclusively for stalking.

The devices have a potential for covert assassination. They can keep people asleep so they can be more easily robbed and raped. They are perfect for tampering with witnesses. They can be used to disable a person so that he’s unfit for work and unfit to raise his children, and he can’t defend himself properly in court. Some targets are placed under permanent conservatorship of an attorney, giving him complete control of their assets. They may not decide about their own money, they may not file complaints and they may not talk to the press.

More than 400 patents claim that they can make someone hear voices. Most of these patents are about irradiating someone’s head with microwaves. People who hear voices are seen as severely psychotic. Their complaints are not investigated, and their testimony has no value. Remarkably, these patents do not claim that the invention is a communication system. The inventions must be designed for harassment.

Professional cyclists are frequently robbed of their bicycles while sleeping in their campers. Shop owners and bar owners are robbed of their vault while they sleep. Every time we see the same pattern: they don’t wake up, not even their German shepherd, not even when the vault is broken out of the wall, and there are no signs of a break-in. The media then cover everything up by reporting that “the perpetrators probably used sleeping gas.”

Another popular feature is contact poison. They spray mind-altering substances on surfaces of which they foresee that the target will touch them. This substance may make the target docile.


Victims of gang stalking frequently face accusations of mental illness, just like victims of mobbing, child abuse, mother with Munchausen syndrome and pensioner abuse.

Targeted individuals are more frequently called insane because unemployed victims of gang stalking have more time to observe their stalkers and will recognize the attacks better than victims of mobbing and bullying.

Why do targets always look so incredible? Gang stalking is like a series of connections between seemingly random events and your own life. This is extremely difficult to remember. There are only 80 savants in the world who can remember all these connections and they remember no more than the last 12 years. Thus, a target will remember that he has been harassed, but he can't give all the details. He will only remember some incidents that caught his attention. The memories of a target seem to be not serious enough to justify an investigation.

Also on this website

The main part of this website is the encyclopedia of gang stalking. This is the only gang stalking website with a systematic approach: I try to say something about every aspect of gang stalking. Everything is ordered hierarchically. You can easily find what you’re interested in. You can easily skip the rest.

I spend much attention to movies about mind control because filmmakers have been more successful in spreading the word than targeted individuals. The movies that have been made about this subject are much better than the websites and the YouTube videos. Specifically, the movie The terminal man (1974) was intended as a warning against the dangers of electronic mind control.

Many targets have tried to get justice in a courtroom. There have been 150 court cases in Germany alone. All these court cases are treated as “frivolous.” Please read the court cases on this website before you go to the court. Learn from their mistakes. One target, a businessman from the UK, prepared his court case for 4 years and lost £500,000. Save yourself the trouble and save your money.

Several targets have attacked stalkers as well as innocent people in an attempt to get attention to their problem or even a bit humble revenge. Please read about the shootings on this website before you go berserk. Learn from their mistakes.

8 victims have proven that they have implants.

I predict that there will be terrorist attacks against gang stalkers.

I collected a few video fragments about gang stalking.

I collected a few radio shows about gang stalking.

Activism ideas

Start a Wi-Fi hotspot where people can access the internet for free. If they connect then they arrive on a page with a message about gang stalking. Then they can start to surf.

A few months ago I applied to be removed from the list of believers of the Catholic Church. When I receive the confirmation, I will publish it. The Catholic Church refuses to help targets.


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