Gang stalking in Europe

Gang stalking is an illegal service of the Mafia. It falls into the same category as assassination, organ trafficking, human trafficking, drugs trafficking, arms trafficking, child prostitution, blood sport and gambling. You have to pay the Mafia if you want to designate a target. Full-time or part-time stalkers are paid by the Mafia.

As a typical victim of gang stalking

Diagram with the definition of gang stalking, mobbing and bullying

Victims of gang stalking are self-labelled, just like victims of mobbing and bullying. It’s not required that you can prove the harassment. Scientific research doesn’t ask you to give the impossible proof.

Gang stalking is less effective if you are fully aware of the harassment.


I concentrate on the situation in Europe because I’m from Belgium where I learned Dutch, French, English and German. Some information on this website is in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

I pay more attention to language, because most people are no native English speakers.

I wrote a PDF file icon book about gang stalking for people who are not fluent in English (10.9 MB, 339 pages).


There are a few problems when trying to define gang stalking.

  1. There’s a linguistic problem.
  2. The scientific definitions of gang stalking and mobbing are inconsistent, vague and confusing. They don’t make a clear distinction between gang stalking and mobbing. They don’t say clearly whether mobbing can happen everywhere or only at the workplace.
  3. Different sciences treat gang stalking, mobbing and bullying in a different way.
  4. I can’t prove that gang stalking is done by the Mafia. So I will need to define gang stalking without using the word Mafia but in such a way that it can be done only by the Mafia. The definition has to imply that it’s the Mafia.

That’s why I propose the following definition.

Some facts about gang stalking

Gang stalking is real:

Occurrence of gang stalking

Gang stalking isn’t rare:

Electronic harassment

It is however, not possible to forget about gang stalking, and get on with your life because the stalkers use electronic weapons. You never get used to it, just like you never get used to toothache and headache.

Occurrence of electronic harassment

Electronic harassment isn’t rare:

Implied threat of violence

The large number of stalkers who go after a target creates an implied threat of violence. All crimes done to the target have to be seen in the context of a threat of violence. For example, stealing from a target has to be seen as robbery. All decisions made by the target have to be seen in the context of a threat of violence.


Gang stalking has serious consequences for the victims:

Deeper insight

If you want more insight in gang stalking, then you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you explain that victims are harassed in just the same way in every country they go, even in countries that are each other’s enemy?

  2. How do you explain that all gang stalkers keep their mouth shut?

  3. How do you explain that no target in the world succeeded in locking the gang stalkers out of his house?

  4. How do you explain that no target in the world succeeded in filming the gang stalkers during illegal entry in his house?

Educational movies

If you are a victim, then watch these movies:

  1. Control factor (2003)

  2. Disturbing behavior (1998)

  3. Existenz (1999)

  4. Strange days (1995)

  5. The brain (1988)

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  1. Introduction
    1. History
    2. Mind control
    3. Targeted individuals
    4. Who and why
    5. Principles
    6. Similar crimes
    7. Similar organizations
    8. Court cases
    9. Shootings
    10. Terror
  2. Gang stalking
    1. Origin of the word gang stalking
    2. Gang stalking
    3. Signs of gang stalking
    4. Notorious cases
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to doctors
      2. Complaining to the Home Office
      3. Complaining to the secret service
    6. Tactics
  3. Electronic harassment
    1. Origin of the word electronic harassment
    2. Electronic harassment laws
    3. Signs of electronic harassment
    4. Notorious cases
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to the police
    6. Experiences
    7. Technologies
    8. Patents
    9. Devices
    10. RF scans
  4. Implants
  5. If you are a target
    1. Testimonies
    2. Countering the perps
    3. Advice
    4. Warnings
    5. Disinfo
  6. Science
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Jean-Nicolas Desurmont (criminologist)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. International union of radio science
      2. Professor Amin Muhammad (psychiatrist)
      3. Professor Michael Persinger (psychologist)
      4. † Professor Robert Becker (physician)
    3. Implants
      1. Professor Kathryn Kelley (psychologist)
  7. Scientific community
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Dr. Tomo Shibata (sociologist)
      2. Dr. Reidar Visser (historian)
      3. Dr. Keith Labella (attorney)
      4. Former Professor Geral Sosbee (attorney)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. Former Professor Reinhard Munzert (psychologist)
      2. Dr. Helmut Lammer (geophysicist)
    3. Implants
      1. † Dr. Rauni Kilde (physician)
    4. Articles written by other doctors
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